WordPress Storage Solutions for Website Builders

Website building and design is a popular endeavor in the 21st century. We are here to offer you a way to make more money with less headaches by outsourcing your storage needs with our WordPress Storage Solutions.
WordPress Storage Solutions
Managed Cloud Based VPS

No matter the scale at which you operate,  a reliable hosting platform is a must. Generally the client is less technical – and when something happens they turn to you for support. When I started my website building business I knew what I wanted to do – create. But I did not want to host, support and resolve issues. This is when I realized that quality storage, along with great support staff and availability is a must have – and decided to offer great WordPress Storage Solutions that are cloud based VPS servers based.

What makes this the optimal solution for your business?

We offer you the ability to focus on what you do best; while still offering your clients great service:

  1. OEM or not: you can let the end-client work with us directly or we can be unknown to the client.
  2. Markup: you may charge markup (as our prices are really well positioned)!
  3. Performance: our cloud based VPS server options offer best-in-price-range performance on a seat based / dedicated VPS (according to the chosen plan)
  4. Backups: the servers undergo full cloud backup every 3/6 hours (depending on your plan). If you take your own dedicated VPS, you may request your own preferable backup schedule!
  5. Scaling: our solutions grow with your client’s businesses. They can start small and scale up. Scaling up takes 2-3 minutes on a dedicated VPS, and a bit more for moving the site on a shared (seat based) VPS.
  6. Uptime Automation: we have bots monitoring the uptime of the servers, and automatically handle downtime to minimize it as much as possible!
  7. No headaches: we are responsible for the site being up and well. You can sleep 🙂

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Sounds Great. But what price ranges are we talking about?

We made sure we can work with website builders (and not against them) – we’ve made our prices extra low and accessible so the client gets a great deal and you still have a margin for a markup! look at is as our “affiliate” program. You set your own margin. Just sell us along and enjoy while the end client enjoys a lightning fast secure site on our WordPress Storage Solutions.

Our plans start at only 5 USD per month – select the plan for the project here.

Best Hosting. No Headaches.

Get the best managed cloud best VPS solutions for WordPress sites & e-commerce stores