Outsourced cloud based VPS solutions: 5 key advantages

You’ve heard them talking about cloud based hosting, but what is all the fuss about? here are 5 key advantages of using cloud based VPS solutions and why you should move to our VPS servers today
cloud based VPS solutions
Managed Cloud Based VPS

You have a website / online store and you do your best to drive traffic and sales. You come up with all the latest sales, products, topics etc. Generally you keep on top of things. But not all is ‘green’. You need to worry about the server and security, when that surge of client comes you need to provide solutions. That great marketing idea you had might prove fatal to your business (isn’t that ironic?) as it might cause your site to crash under the load. And those who come and see the site down – they will never come back. In order to allow for headache free operation, we’ve decided early in 2019 to allow global users to use our outsourced cloud based VPS solutions. And here are 5 key reasons why you should pack up your gear (metaphorically) and switch to our VPS Servers today:

1. Ultimate up-time

This means we make sure your site is online at all times. We do it by using state of the art automation to see if your server is responsive and shows the site correctly. This is run 24/7 and if a server down is detected, an automated script does the work of getting it back up again. Chances are you never experience down time again.

2. Extra Secure VPS servers

We fortify the server so you can sleep well. Our servers are Linux based self configured servers, with all the steps taken to fortify the server. We install updates all the time to make sure any 0-day exploits found from time to time are patched immediately. A strong cloud firewall is used in addition to the in-server firewall. Brute force protection is installed on your server. We pre-install WordPress with security enabled plugins for you. You just need to run your business and we do the security stuff. All in all – we do offer the best WordPress hosting solution.

3. Ultra Flexible VPS servers – We Grow With You!

Those days of fearing success are over – cloud based VPS servers allow for growing within a couple of minutes. When we see an influx of users due (holidays, advertising etc.) we can up the server resources temporarily with no problem! This is the ultimate in flexibility and we make sure you only pay what you need now and get the ultimate in return (we heard stories about small sites paying for steel servers hundreds of dollars each month, because that’s what the salesman sold them). We give you an honest estimate of what you currently need by recommending the correct package for your needs. When your business grows – we can scale up with you!

4. Always backed-up

We use automation to back up our outsourced cloud based VPS solutions every 3/6 hours to allow for a true good night sleep for our customers. Restoring a backup takes 1-2 minutes and insures minimal down-time for you and your business. We make sure to manually back up every time you give us heads up before you do manual changes to your store / site configuration just to be extra safe.

5. Super quick cloud based VPS solutions performance

THIS IS a VPS. You will enjoy top notch speed at a very reasonable price! More bang for the buck!

BONUS: We get the headaches so you don’t have to.

We spend our days reading security news, discovering new ways to secure the VPS servers. Our team gets paid to read and investigate. You keep your business growing – and we have your back!

Let us worry about the infrastructure and security and we promise you great service.


In conclusion

We do our best to provide you with the best VPS servers solution on the market – all in super low and affordable prices. This is your chance to get premium outsourced cloud based VPS solutions without having technical knowledge and in a fraction of the price it would cost somewhere else.

We worry about scaling, security and up-time, and you worry about growing your business.

Best Hosting. No Headaches.

Get the best managed cloud best VPS solutions for WordPress sites & e-commerce stores