Best WordPress hosting solution

You focus on driving traffic and sales – and let us provide you a fast and secure cloud based VPS WordPress hosting.
best WordPress hosting solution
Managed Cloud Based VPS

WordPress is a great solution for websites and e-commerce stores. Indeed – it is the leading CMS system on the web. With each WordPress site needing WordPress hosting in order to work, this is often a problematic area. Most users define the hosting as “a pain to setup and maintain”.

The type of users who use WordPress is varied, ranging from absolute beginners to veteran experts. They all have one thing in common: they want to focus on their websites. Drive more traffic,  create more sales. Nobody is in the business of having a website or a store to tinker with hosting, cache, files, firewalls etc.

A simple, fast, secure and affordable solution

This is why we launched the managed cloud based VPS hosting services. We aim to allow the site / store owner to focus on what really matters. Meanwhile we provide a sturdy, fast, secure back-end WordPress hosting with surprising speeds for an affordable price. All the benefits without the headaches.

We offer a variety of WordPress hosting VPS plans, making it affordable and grow-able. You can start small and we can grow with you – those are the benefits of using the cloud!

Our plans are divided into 2 options (per server tier):

  • Buy a VPS server – you get the VPS to yourself, with all of its power.
  • Buy a VPS seat – you share the VPS with a limited amount of vetted other customers. You each get very good performance, for a much lower price than the entire VPS.

We monitor the servers 24/7 automatically, using the latest and greatest automation tools and scripts.

As for backups – all servers undergo full backup on the cloud every 3/6 hours (depending on your plan) with retention of 18 (so 3 days back at least). When you order your own VPS server – you get to choose the backup plan of your choice (each X hours, upto 24 backups in retention).

If you are not sure what plan is suitable for your needs, or have any questions, you can read our frequently asked questions or fill in this form and we will get back to you ASAP.


Best Hosting. No Headaches.

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