Managed Cloud Based VPS

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Top Servers & Locations, Automatic Backups, Automatic Monitoring, WordPress pre-installed!

Managed Cloud Based VPS
Managed Cloud Based VPS

You decide!

Seat / Server

Each of our managed cloud based VPS server options comes with 2 price tiers:

1. Server = you get the VPS for yourself!

2. Seat = you share the VPS server with a small number of other clients.

Select Your Package

We have something for everyone!

* Plans are subscription based, paid month by month via credit card. After 12 months of subscription you may discontinue the plan at any time.


The ultimate solution for personal blogs / new basic sites for emerging businesses


Just a bit stronger for those of you who want a site without compromising!


The classic package for companies and small online stores (e-commerce sites)


An advanced hosting option for high traffic websites, >100K USD e-commerce stores and more!


For those serious websites with tons of concurrent traffic, if you are going viral – this is the one for you!


WOW this is insane! for ultra performing sites and e-commerce sites!

global Managed Cloud Based VPS

Worldwide Locations

Hosting Farm Near You

Choose from our physical farm hosting options for managed cloud based VPS to ensure your clients get the fastest performance with you site / store!

We a partner of DigitalOcean cloud services.

DigitalOcean Partner

Our physical farms are located around the world in key business locations: 

San Francisco, New York (USA), Amsterdam (Holland), Frankfurt (Germany), Toronto (Canada), London (United Kingdom), Bangalore (India).

Every plan is available at any farm – all you have to do is choose!

All packages Include

It doesn’t matter which package you choose, You will always get the best service!

Cloud Backup

Uptime Monitoring

best WordPress hosting solution

WordPress Pre-installed

Linux Based
Secure Servers

Cloud Firewall & Brute Force Protection

24/7 Support

F.A.q. - Managed Cloud Based VPS

You can choose a cloud based on DigitalOcean farms in these countries:

New York (USA)

San Fransisco (USA)

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Singapore (Singapore)

London (United Kingdom)

Frankfurt (Germany)

Toronto (Canada)

Bangalore (India)

Choose the location next to your client base!

Us! we have automations that auto detect faults with your site and restart the server, so you can rest assured we will be up and running within seconds of auto discovering a downed server.

We are here for you!

Each of the communal servers (if you bought a seat) is backed up every 6 hours with a retention of 18 backups (so 3 days back).

When you buy a server – you can customize the backup schedule to your needs (upto 24 backups retention).

Restoring a backup is done by us in support and takes 1-3 minutes depending on the size of disk in your site.

Yes. We have your back.

Yes, unless you specifically request, you will get a fresh latest version of WordPress with the best caching plugin preinstalled.

You are getting a linux based VPS server (or a seat on that server) with OpenLiteSpeed as the web server component (ultra-fast, best bang for the buck) + WordPress preinstalled + regular backups + automatic 24/7 monitoring + great service = peace of mind!

In case you get a server, we can allow you access to the server itself via SSH if you want.

Sure. If you buy a server the upgrade procedure is free. You just pay for the new packages you select.

If you are on a seat base, there is a 25 USD/hour migration fee (since we need to physically move you to a new server), and of course the new package cost.

We are sad to see you leave, but we respect your decision.

You have 3 options:

1. you install some kind of wordpress plugin and move your data by yourself


2. we provide you with the wordpress files & db and you ask your new host to install it for you.


3. we can install it for you for a fee.

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